报名|东方马汇&法国马协教练资格培训CAE2 coach qualification certificate training​








没有达到分数的骑手可以旁听(但是没有证书)或取消。参训人员结业并成功通过考试,将会获得 5个证书,即Galop马术Galop1、Galop2、Galop3骑手证、和CAE1、CAE2教练资格证书。


The date of this CAE2 coach qualification training is: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from December 20 to 22, 2021.

  CAE is the coach qualification system of the French Equestrian Association. Through professional coach qualification training and assessment, we standardize teaching methods, enhance teaching ability, improve the quality of lessons, and issue corresponding certificates to the students who have passed the examination. The CAE coach qualification certificate is divided into six levels from one to six, the first level being is the lowest.

 As an equestrian coach, you should first be an excellent rider. A coach who is admitted to CAE 2 must have at least a Galop 3 rider qualification and a CAE1 coach certificate. Because everyone is busy at work, many coaches do not have time to obtain a rider certificate. This training has solved this difficult problem for the trainees.

   On the first day of training, experts must assess the riding level of the trainees. Only riders who are Galop 3 level or above can stay for the training. If you do not hold a galop 3 or equivalent rider qualification diploma, the entry test will be as follow:

- Dressage test: rider must present in correct competition outfit the galop 3 dressage test.

- Jumping test: rider must clear in correct competition outfit a course of 6 fences, no AB, height of the jumps 60 cm maximum. They will be judge on their position, use of the aids, drawing and rhythm.

- Riders must obtain a minimum of 55% in both tests to be eligible to enter the training.

 Other people or unsuccessful riders can either stay and listen (but will not get the certificates) or cancel their participation. When the trainees finish their courses and successfully pass the exams they will be awarded five certificates Galop 1,2,3, CAE1 and CAE 2.

For those who already have CAE1, they will be awarded two certificates by the end of the training: Galop 3 and CAE 2.


    This CAE coach qualification training class is taught and assessed by famous French experts in China, Joël and Vanessa, and is translated by Alice and Claire (Xia Rui). Alice is a Galop 7 level rider.

Joël (中文名:老周)俱乐部高级顾问


Joël (Chinese name: Lao Zhou), Club Senior Consultant

As a Famous French instructor, he has been engaged in equestrian activities for over 50 years.

Lao Zhou has successfully implemented the Galop® equestrian system in the education and teaching for Oriental Equestrian Club. He is not only the mentor of DFMH’s coaches, but also regarded as the lighthouse in our development. Meanwhile, he has not only set up a complete teaching and grading system of coach and young riders for the BTEA (Beijing Turf and Equestrian Association) , and trained countless coaches for the same association as well. He is currently the Director of the Equestrian Education Center of the BTEA, a member of the dressage committee and a judge of various equestrian disciplines. His knowledge has become the equestrian encyclopedia of DFMH: he is our captain!



Vanessa masters various equestrian skills. She is an examiner for numerous equestrian disciplines and also a judge for competitions. She has been involved in equestrian activities for over 20 years and once performed a dressage show at the China equestrian World Cup. Since the beginning of 2017, she has been in charge of "Oriental Equestrian Club".

She is well-organized and thorough in building up DFMH’s coach team. She has trained a talented coach team for DFMH, which, under her supervision, has constantly improved on both technical and teaching level. She pays attention to the horses’ well-being and her love for them is an example and a source of inspiration for everybody. Thanks to her meticulous management, the club is gradually moving towards higher ambition.

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